8 Springtime Pest Control Tips

pest controlYou may work hard and spend a lot on landscaping, but you must also control pests or they will destroy your work. To keep your landscaping looking great all year long, take into consideration the many pests such as insects and rodents, that can cause problems. Here are a few suggestions as insects will come out in force in warmer weather.

  • Be sure to use only high quality, pest resistant and virus resistant plants in your gardens or landscaping.
  • Use high quality mulch, and be careful to not put too much down.
  • Keep your flower gardens and landscaping clear of weeds and unwanted grasses.
  • Avoid leaving food out that insects might like, or even dropped food from your meals or parties outside.
  • Don’t over-water your plants as insects thrive in wet areas.
  • Keep vegetables or fruit picked off the plants. Avoid letting rotten produce lay on the ground.
  • Inspect your gardens or plants regularly to catch problems early.
  • Develop a plan and maintenance schedule for insecticide use and other preventative measures..

For all questions about insect control in landscaping, contact us at Hermes Landscaping, and we will be happy to serve your pest control needs in the Kansas City area.

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