Breathe New Life Into Your Property with Hermes Landscaping!

PlantsHermes Landscaping is perhaps your easiest and friendliest way to brighten and breathe new life to your entryway and planting beds. Just like humans, plants have well-defined nutritional, physiological and communal needs – they naturally grow in defined communities that complement and meet their needs.

A neglected plant scape will eventually demand for extensive’ repair work’ and a costly input to restore it to excellent health. It’s, therefore, important, if you have an extremely treasured plant(s), not to wait too long before you get an expert opinion from Hermes Landscaping about your design, maintenance and treatment options.

We have a qualified team of arborists that can develop your plants’ health maintenance and nutrition plan as well as community design to reduce the risk of plant illness and death as much as possible. Our services include:

  • New planting designs
  • High-end lawn treatment services
  • Designer hedge cutting
  • Landscaping and plant scaping
  • Wildflower establishment
  • Biodiversity planting

Plants are like anything else that breathes, with tender loving care, they live long, beautiful and fruitful lives. We are your single provider for all your plants’ and property‘s design needs.

Contact us today and let us give your home a professional face lift!

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