Landscaping Ideas for a Commercial Building Entrance

When it comes to commercial buildings, entrances are very important for obvious reasons. There is more that goes into planning and designing landscaping for commercial buildings than simply pure aesthetics. Business entrances should be wide and of course, handi-cap accessible. They also need to be easy to clear in the winter time. You always need to have your employees, clients and customers safety in mind whenever you are designing a commercial landscape.

Another important aspect of commercial landscape design is using  high-quality sustainable materials. Many businesses typically go for the simple poured concrete, however, using less common materials will add distinction and benefit the environment without adding too much cost. Plus, it is wonderful anytime you can set your business apart from other businesses in the area.

If you want more information on creating safe entrances for your commercial buildings, contact Hermes Landscaping in Lenexa, KS. We gladly service the Kansas City area.

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