3 Ideas to enhance your Small Backyard

Many homeowners today are choosing to downsize due to retirement, economic situations, and simply because they prefer the city life. But one thing you don’t have to miss out on if you have a smaller home, is a relaxing outdoor living environment. If you have a small backyard, you may think you are limited in how you can enhance the landscape. Truth is, you still have many options that could work for your cozy backyard.

Here are 3 ideas to consider for your Kansas City backyard:

1. Backyard Dining Space

Backyard dining space - outdoor living

Photo Credit: Rob Fiocca via houseandhome.com

You can still entertain outdoors with a smaller space. A cozy covered outdoor dining patio will be great for intimate dinners with family and friends.


2. Charming Gravel Garden

outdoor living gravel garden

Photo via Houzz.com

A beautiful gravel garden to enjoy a quiet sit outside may be all you need to enjoy relaxing after work or on a beautiful Sunday morning.


3.Vertical Garden

vertical garden

Photo via poppytalk.blogspot.com

If you live in the city, go up with greenery with a vertical garden patio. A perfectly quaint getaway in the midst of the concrete jungle.

What have you done with your small backyard to make it more comfortable?

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