Landscaping 101: The Landscape Establishment Period

Irrigation Every homeowner wants a unique and breathtaking landscape outside their house. Contractors are, therefore, very important during the landscape establishment period. They must ensure that landscaping trees sprout healthily and in sufficient numbers. Here are useful tips to help a contractor match the plan with the real landscape:

  • Irrigate regularly

Freshly-transplanted trees need regular irrigation to help their roots anchor to the soil firmly. Soil moisture is not enough for the roots, hence, the need for regular irrigation. However, don’t over-water the plants to avoid soil erosion that might spoil the intended landscaping design.

  •  Irrigate directly to the root ball

When irrigating, ensure you apply the water directly to the root ball. The root system needs to develop and spread wider. It can only do so within the shortest time if the root ball absorbs as much water as possible.

  • Allow reasonable establishment period

An establishment period ranges from 3 to 6 months, depending on the size and the climate. The most important thing to ascertain is that the landscaping trees are firm and everything else is as it should be in the end.

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