Mowing Best Practices for A Picture Perfect Lawn

mowing best practices Growing a lush, green lawn requires regular feeding and watering along with periodic insect and weed control. How you mow also impacts the health of your grass, so follow these best practices for a thick and vigorous lawn.

  • Maintain the mower
    Sharpen the blades and make sure your mower is in good mechanical condition before the mowing season begins. Resharpen the blades again two or three times during the season, and clean the mower deck regularly to remove accumulated clippings.
  • Leave adequate length
    Never cut more than 1/3 of the grass height to promote deep root growth and avoid stressing the lawn. When the weather heats up, raise your deck height and mow less frequently.
  • Alternate your mowing pattern
    Following the same mowing pattern can leave noticeable wheel ruts in the lawn over time. To prevent this, change up the direction each time you mow.
  • Mulch as you mow
    Install a mulching kit on your mower to finely chop and evenly distribute the cut grass. Mulched grass clippings help with moisture retention, and they’re a valuable source of soil nutrients too.

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