Native Grasses We Recommend For Johnson County

summer-grassThere are a number of native grasses to Johnson County that are suitable for lawn use in Lenexa proper and the surrounding Johnson County area.

Here is a quick rundown on what to use and where in your particular situation;

Kentucky Bluegrass – In the past two decades, over 100 varietals of this hardy and resilient grass have been created. Although notoriously hard to start from seed – except under ideal conditions – it is extremely drought and pest resistant. It is an excellent choice for large sunlit lawns that will require little maintenance other than mowing.

Fescue – All 300 varieties of this grass are renowned among gardeners for their tolerance of shade, fescue has always been the “go to” grass of choice for inhospitable areas of a landscape. It has also been bred to resist insects, excessive heat, and drought.

RyegrassIf you need to seed a patch of barren lawn and see it bloom in the shortest period, ryegrass should be your choice.

For more information on these native grasses in particular and on other more general landscaping issues, please contact us Hermes Landscaping. We would be happy to assist you in finding and implementing the perfect grass type for your home.

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