How to Save Site Trees

Site Trees

Whether you’re building or remodeling a home, trees play a crucial role by adding property value, privacy and curb appeal. However, trees and plants often become permanently damaged or killed during construction and renovations. Before any project, whether it being residential or commercial; always consider the impact of construction. Here are a few ways to … [Read more…]

Edible Landscapes


Landscaping adds to the appeal of any home, and your yard can be attractive with a good landscape or hardscape design. One way to make it even more environmentally friendly is to include edible plants in the design. Things like lettuce, berries of all kinds, fruit trees, and even some vegetables, adds a practical quality … [Read more…]

Why Should You Consider Green Landscape Renovations?

green landscape renovation

Why consider green landscape renovation? When you want a green renovation on your landscape, you want to incorporate an environmental-friendly landscape improvement approach. A well designed green landscape not only enhances the beauty of your home, but also brings comfort, a healthy home, and reduced utility bills. Cost efficient Green renovation encompasses less costly measures … [Read more…]

Landscaping 101: The Landscape Establishment Period


Every homeowner wants a unique and breathtaking landscape outside their house. Contractors are, therefore, very important during the landscape establishment period. They must ensure that landscaping trees sprout healthily and in sufficient numbers. Here are useful tips to help a contractor match the plan with the real landscape: Irrigate regularly Freshly-transplanted trees need regular irrigation … [Read more…]

Breathe New Life Into Your Property with Hermes Landscaping!


Hermes Landscaping is perhaps your easiest and friendliest way to brighten and breathe new life to your entryway and planting beds. Just like humans, plants have well-defined nutritional, physiological and communal needs – they naturally grow in defined communities that complement and meet their needs. A neglected plant scape will eventually demand for extensive’ repair work’ and … [Read more…]