Building a Rock Garden for Small Spaces

Rock gardens are the quintessential minimalist landscape, and the one that is easiest to maintain.  Source: Houzz

The best gardens are the ones that you don't have to water, and when it comes to watering requirements, rocks are at the bottom of the list. As a builder of rock gardens in the Kansas City area, Hermes Landscaping strongly recommends including plenty of rocks in your design plans. When adding rocks into small spaces, it's important to first consider the … [Read more...]

The Best Time to Prune Your Shrubs

When you should prune your flowering bushes depends on what type of flowering bush you have, namely whether it's shrubs bloom on old wood or on new wood.  Source: Houzz

Shrubs come in all shapes and sizes, and it can be tough to know when the right time to prune them will be. Thus, the following are some landscape management suggestions that will help you determine the ideal time to pull out the shears. Forsythia's should be pruned following their first bloom. Once pruned, new blooms will form. Bluebeards and … [Read more...]

Edible Plants Can Offer a Sweet Look for Your Landscape

Nasturtiums are one examples of a gorgeous plant that also tastes great and is sure to add some "food for thought" to your landscape's design.  Source: Houzz

Willy Wonka knew that the best landscapes are the ones you can sip and savor. While we all can't have a candy factory, it is possible to create a residential landscape that is just as sweet. By incorporating edible plants into your landscape, you will create a yard that you can really sink your teeth into. Nasturtiums are easy to grow and highly … [Read more...]