Landscape Lighting Tips for Your Home

Your landscape's lighting should be layered with a mix of task and accent lighting that will highlight patios and walkways. Source: Houzz

Properly illuminating a residential landscape can not only enhance your beauty of the property, but also the property's value. With those goals in mind, the following are some landscape design tips that will guarantee your walkways, flower beds, and patio areas look their best throughout the evening hours: Layer your lighting. You should include a … [Read more...]

Tips on How to Control Winter Weeds

If you're looking to control your landscape's winter weeds, first identify the weeds you're dealing with, then purchase an herbicide that is specifically targeted towards them. Source: Flickr

Controlling winter weeds can be as challenging as controlling weeds during spring and summer. The following are some tips you can follow until the weather warms up and they become dormant again. Identify the weeds you're dealing with. Common varieties include Large Clover, Corn Speedwell, Hairy Bittergrass, Chickweed, and Carolina Geranium. Once you … [Read more...]

Focus on Focal Points to Create a Landscape that Will Stand Out

Use focal points in your landscape to create smooth transitions between different aspects of your landscape.

Creating a picture perfect landscape requires careful craftsmanship and balance. Focal points in the landscape help create seamless transitions between turf, greenery, and hardscapes.  To achieve this balance and transition, we offer these recommendations to our clients: Select focal points that will contrast and/or complement existing colors in your … [Read more...]