Tree Installation Is as Practical as It Is Beneficial

Trees can be planted to create effective wind breaks that will prevent dust and debris from blowing about commercial landscapes, as well as offering privacy.  Source: Houzz

Tree installation can transform a property while also helping to ensure the health of the landscape. Not only are trees aesthetically pleasing, they form a vital component within the ecosystem that the lawn, shrubs, and flower beds will benefit from. Trees can be planted to create effective wind breaks that will prevent dust and debris from blowing about … [Read more...]

Why Investing in a 2-Wire Sprinkler System Is a Great Investment

Your team at Hermes Landscaping will be happy to help you with choosing the right 2-wire sprinkler system for your building. Source: ShutterStock

Two wire irrigation systems, also known as decoder systems with capacity to run up to 200 zones provide a highly versatile irrigation system for the property owner. Additional valves or zones are simple to add after installation because the two wire path can be spliced into anywhere along its path thus greatly simplifying this process. Due to the ease of … [Read more...]

Local Flora: As Beautiful as It Is Easy to Maintain

Here are several Zone 6 planting suggestions that we highly recommend.  Source: Flickr

Just as buying locally grown produce is good for area farmers, planting native grasses and plants is good for your landscape. That's because native plants have already adapted to the environment and are easier to maintain as a result. The following are some Zone 6 planting suggestions we highly recommend: Ninebark. One Variety is a compact shrub, it … [Read more...]