Make It Low Maintenance with Local Flora

Choosing local flora means that the landscape will be hearty and low-maintenance. Source: Houzz

We live in a beautiful state, and there are plenty of native Missouri plants you can select to finish your landscaping with. Choosing local flora means that the landscape will be hearty and low-maintenance which is why the following are some plants we highly recommend. Blue False Indigo and Purple Poppy Mallow will give the landscape colorful accents. … [Read more...]

Consider a Sustainable Water Management System for Your Property

Sustainable water management can be achieved by adding infrastructure that acts a sponge soaking up excess water without having to deposit it within the drainage system. Source: Houzz

Managing water is becoming increasingly important in both urban and rural areas alike. As infrastructure ages, this is presenting a considerable problem for communities struggling to develop effective strategies to manage excesses within the water supply. Sustainable water management is possible without the need to spend millions of dollars to dig new … [Read more...]

Bringing Both Form and Function into Your Landscape

Focus on creating symmetry within the landscape, as this creates a soothing effect that will be felt as much as it is noticed.

Functional landscapes take appealing aesthetics and seamlessly merge them so that they create function in the process. Everything has a place and a purpose, and carefully considering the way your landscape will fit together is the key to achieving stunning results. Paths and walkways are functional elements that should be kept to a minimum. They should … [Read more...]