How to Plan a Garden in Kansas City

Kansas City Garden When planning your garden in the Kansas City area, it is important to use plants that will do well in the area. No matter how much you liked the exotic orchid you saw in California, it is not a plant that will do well in the midwest. Plants do not adapt that easily, and gardening professionals know what plants will flourish in Kansas and Missouri, and they are often very willing to offer their expertise.

A zone hardiness map is also a great asset for your home gardening. The United States is divided into 11 zones, and most plants will have on the label – whether you are buying seeds or actual plants – what their preferred zone is. Kansas City is in the middle of zone 5B. The chart was developed by the USDA and is generally recognized around the nation. The National Gardening Association has a guide to plants that can tell you were any plant will thrive if cared for properly. The hardiness zone is a key reference tool, whether for a bush, a flower or an edible plant you are adding to your yard.

Some plants that do well in Kansas City include tomatoes, basil and zinnias. Contact us today to learn more about what plants work best in your area!

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